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  Creating dynamic papercraft art and art products

 that appeal to the mind, body and soul.


About the artist

“Images are powerful and create as well as reflect reality so Lavaun uses her images to plant seeds for new expansive realities.”


Lavaun Heaster has enjoyed creating art since childhood and when Lavaun's vision was affected by diabetes she had to find a new way to express her creativity. She tried paper cut outs then started using card stock and construction paper for the sensations on the fingers to create more accessible art for her  low or no vision friends. Lavaun likes depicting diverse people connecting in her work and wants to include the richness of humanity to enhance her art. She is curious about varying cultural practices and beliefs having grown up in a multiethnic family and currently living with a multiethnic partner so she enjoys researching her art pieces and continually learning.

Inspired by the vibrant art, ethnic communities and disability scene in Portland, OR Lavaun has combined her passions in creating original art which is available to you in cards, calendars and prints will be coming soon!


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Happy Mother's Day  
Benavidez-Heaster family portrait